What is PoliDashboard?


Collects political chatter from Twitter in real time & gathers information about Canadian political advertisers & the ads they run on Facebook


Analyzes and visualizes data from social media and other data sources


Spot misinformation & the use of automation on Twitter & provide transparency on political ads on Facebook in Canada

What is PoliDashboard?

Keeping a pulse on the health of political discussions in Canada.

PoliDashboard is a data visualization tool designed to help voters, journalists, and campaign staffers to monitor the health of political discussions in Canada. It analyzes publicly available data from Twitter to spot misinformation and the use of automation. The aims of the dashboard are to bring more transparency to our political discourse and to put a spotlight on the people and organizations vying for our attention and votes. 

PoliDashboard consists of three main modules: 

  1. a #CNDPoli Twitter Module that provides near real time analysis of the #CDNPoli tweet stream to flag the presence of misinformation…aka ‘fake news’ being shared on Twitter and the use of automation (aka…political bots). 
  2. an expert-curated Links & Misinformation Database containing all URLs shared on #CNDPoli plus a compendium of blacklisted URLs known for disseminating hoaxes and disinformation (as documented by trusted sources such as journalists & other academic researchers),
  3. Facebook Political Ads Module featuring information about political advertisers and the ads they are running on Facebook. 

[Note: PoliDashboard is still in beta and is used as a training platform for our students. We would appreciate your feedback and suggestions, please contact us via info[at]socialmedialab.ca.}

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