What is PoliDashboard?


Collects political chatter from Twitter in real time


Analyzes the data & determines the polarity(sentiment) of the chatter


Visualizes the results & provides insights in real-time

What is PoliDashboard?

Real-time insights on the health of political discussions on Twitter

Polidashboard is a visualization dashboard designed to help voters, members of the media, and campaign staffers to gauge the health of political discussions on Twitter, our new “digital town hall’.  The dashboard can automatically classify the polarity of tweets containing the hashtag #cdnpoli in real-time to determine whether the opinions and attitudes of discussants in the #cdnpoli conversation is positive, negative, or neutral. [Note: Polidashboard is still in beta and is used as a training platform for our students. We would appreciate your feedback and suggestions, please contact us via info[at]socialmedialab.ca.